Esthael Cardes
Age: 26
Gender: Female
Race: Breton
Affiliation: The Empire

Esthael Cardes is a Breton, and a direct cousin of the current reigning Emperor, Remaunes Cardes III. As only child, her mother having died giving birth and her father often gone on matters of state, she was raised by the best caretakers money could buy, and was trained to learn how to fight with both a sword and with magic, although neither of the two are something she is particularly skilled in. In 4E307, Esthael took it upon herself to find the Relic's of the Crusader that were still lost to time, travelling to the northern province of Skyrim and eventually crossing the path of Ylgim Skycrown, whom was in possession of the Shield of the Crusader. Unable to reclaim Pelinal's shield from the Nord, whom demanded the independence of Skyrim in return for it, she returned to the Imperial City before quickly setting off for Skyrim once more in the company of friends, family, and a small group of Imperial Legionnaires.


Esthael Cardes was born as first and only child to Avenus Cardes, younger brother of Remaunus II, and Janile Hallrad, daughter of an important noble from Wayrest, a marriage promised by the original Remaunus to Lord Hallrad. Janile, however, died giving birth to Esthael in 4E 381, a tragedy to both the Imperial family and the old Lord Hallrad, whom had expected his daughter to birth many more children into the Imperial family. With her father often gone on matters of state, Esthael was chiefly raised by servants of the Cardes' family, growing up alongside Remaunes III, born in the same year, the two becoming childhood friends. As a member of the Imperial family, Esthael hardly left the Imperial City, or even the Palace and its surroundings, at all, growing up sheltered from the world outside, raised at court, leaving only for short trips towards other cities in Cyrodiil or hunting trips. 




Remaunes Cardes III

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