Marcus Augustine
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Race: Imperial
Affiliation: The Empire

A respected and accomplished Legate in the Imperial Legion, Marcus Augustine currently serves as Commander of the 7th Army's "Imperial Warhawks", deployed in Skyrim as part of a mission to defeat the Skycrown Rebellion. The 25 year-old Augustine was born in the Imperial City, but eventually ended up in Riften following the death of his parents, and would fall into the Thieves' Guild for years until he joined the Legion at age 17. Augustine would serve in Skyrim for his first tour, fighting the relentless groups of bandits and spending much of his time in the Reach in the fight against the Foresworn. Augustine would then go on to serve in Cyrodiil, defending the Empire-Dominion Border and participating in the common skirmishes that took place, before being sent back to Skyrim on a special mission to put down the Skycrown Rebellion- a mission in which he is currently carrying out.