Mr. Shadythorn was a Bosmer hunter, in the service of the Thalmor Grand Justicar, Lord Tragon. Although he was not especially bright, he was the most effective fighter of the lot. He is currently deceased. He had a first name, but it is not known.

There was some sort of incident in Marbruk Field, in which Mr. Shadythorn had some fermented milk poured into his armor. Shadythorn blamed Sir Enkara Venim for the prank, but Enkara blamed Felix the Khajiit.

Shadythorn's fighting style made heavy use of his speed advantage, both in archery and in close combat. He is known to have fought dirty and was also well known for stealing arrows from the quivers of other archers, in the middle of ranged combat.


Of all the Bosmer hunters in the posse, led by Lord Tragon, who pursued Sir Enkara Venim into Elsweyr, Mr. Shadythorn was the last to die. After an epic sword fight, on a balcony in the dome of Abaseli Magnuse, he was beheaded. His head was given to Lord Tragon, with the word, "ALONE,' carved into the forehead.


Just because he's dead, doesn't mean I'm done with this character!