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The Elder Scrolls: Ascension

It is the year 307 of the Fourth Era, and the dawn of the Fifth Era is upon us. The future of Tamriel stands at the precipice. The entire continent shall be engulfed by the coming Great War, the second of its kind. The remaining provinces of the Empire now stand united behind Emperor Remaunus Cardes III, grandson of the first to bear his name, he who was sent to take the Ruby Throne by Reman Cyrodiil and Tiber Septim themselves, reclaiming several of the relics of Pelinal Whitestrake, the Divine Crusader, bane of Elfkind, and he who reforged what was left of the Empire of old. Opposed to the Empire stand the Aldmeri Dominion, victors of the Great War, utterly convinced of Merkind's supremacy over mankind, still recovering from their losses during that War. The Dunmer of Morrowind and the Argonians to their south are still at war, the only thing keeping the Argonians from overrunning all of the Dark Elves' homeland the efforts of the still mighty House Redoran. Hammerfel, still independent, too prepares for battle against the hated Thalmor once more...

Tamriel shall bleed, flogged by the war that is to come. The stage has been set, the dice has been cast. Soon the fate of all Tamriel shall be decided...

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