Tiberius Augustus Antonius
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Race: Imperial
Affiliation: The Empire, Emperor Remaunes Cardes III

Tiberius Augustus Antonius is a male Imperial hailing from the Imperial Province of Cyrodiil, son to parents from powerful families he had a comfortable upbringing. His father, a Legate of the Imperial Army, always wanted his son to follow in his footsteps and it was early into his life that Tiberius fulfilled his father's wishes by applying to join the Imperial Legions. During his time in the Legions he fought in many battles and skirmishes mostly with bandits, necromancers and many other foes of the Empire. Yet Tiberius always hoped for more, he always felt he was stuck doing the trivial tasks of a simple legionnaire as opposed to actually defending the Empire he adores so much. In secret Tiberius wishes to serve on the front lines against the enemies of the Empire only stopping advance to support his own friends. Tiberius is very fond of his men whom he considers as close as his brothers, his unit fights extremely well together and have been deemed elites of the Solitude Imperial Troops. He has many friends in the Imperial army and is highly regarded by both his lowers and seniors who are normally impressed with his ability to lead men with minimal loss.

The two families he belong to are the Antonius family, a family of merchants and businessmen, and the Septimus family, a family of nobles in the Imperial City. The Antonius family trace their lineage back to the original humans that called the lands of Cyrodiil their home, originally fishermen and farmers the Antonius family grew to be an influential family of merchants (see main article Antonius (Given family name)). The Septimus family trace their lineage also to the early humans that settled in Cyrodiil after years of war, they originally started as part of the military before becoming close friends in higher powers in the Imperial City and became nobles through forged friendships with the Higher Echelon of Cyrodiil (see main article Septimus (Given family name)). Tiberius has a deep hatred for the Dark Brotherhood due to their assassination of Primo, one of his ancestors from ages past on his father's side which caused the decline of the wealth and power of the Antonius family throughout the end of the 3rd era and until 4E 204 when Tiberius' parents married to form an alliance between the Septimius family and the Antonius family. Thanks to the great minds of Flavia Septimius and Horatio Antonius the Antonius family experienced wealth and power it had not seen since the assassination of Primo. Tiberius also has a hatred for the Thieves guild, a group he considers to be nothing but light fingered thugs perhaps worse than the bandits he combats on a near daily basis. Tiberius has great respect for the Nords and the Emperor, the former due to his admiration of their emphasis of honour and the latter due to his fierce patriotism for the Emperor and his Empire.